Future iPad support

I just need some reassurance, please.

At my age, deep-diving into learning something new is a big deal for me. I’m about to come off trial, and drop AUD$500 on an annual membership, and I really just want to make sure Shapr3D has an ongoing commitment to iPad and iPadOS.

I’ve been reading about the upcoming interface changes, and it’s clear to me that Shapr3D is a company that’s growing quickly and focusing on professional users using Macs and Windows, and trying to become even more competitive in this space.

What I need to hear from someone, please, is that you guys remain committed to iPad as a core function going forward. You are so unique in this way, providing full functionality on this brilliant device. I would hate to think that the number of iPad users becomes less significant over time, and you decide you’re just going to ditch us.

This has happened many times before, but in this case it’s a significant investment of time and money that I’ll be embarking on over the next couple of years, and I really just need someone to say “We love the iPad, and we’re not giving up on the iPad”

Thank you for what you’ve created… and I apologise for this somewhat emotional plea.

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iPad is a key differentiator for us, and it runs on the exact same code base as the other platforms. We have many professionals and Fortune 500 companies using Shapr3D on iPad. We are fully committed to the platform.


Thank you so much for taking the time to assuage my fears.

I really appreciate you guys for being leaders in taking advantage of the iPad.

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