Vastly Improved iPadOS Coming Soon!

Is Shapr3D being prepped for the new IOS coming this fall?

Of course :slight_smile:

Nice one Sid, and great to hear the S3D Team are on the ball [as usual :sunglasses:]

Best regards,


We are super excited about iPadOS :slight_smile:

What does iPad os mean for Shapr3D. Does it mean you can do more?

I would say that it’s a huge step forward for the iPad as a platform. It will allow more users to user their iPad Pro as their primary computer. If you just look at the better file handling and the desktop grade web browser that comes with iPadOS, it’s huge. Probably I will completely switch to my iPad. For me the bottleneck were these two things.


Yes agree but a question pls, will be a problem if I install the beta of iPadOS for Shapr3D right now?!

What about 1/2 app size Apple talked about in the keynote?

Also what about adding an option to choose about having mini tutorial videos saved locally or reduce app size and you can watch them if you are connected to the internet?

I’m talking about that videos that pop up when you click a button for first time.