Interaction/use of iPad and macOS versions

I’m glad to see Shapr3D moving to the macOS platform.
But if I choose it compared to more feature complete Fusion360, it was for the ease of iPad pencil usage to modeling.

What I would like to see is:

  • synchronisation between the platforms of the models (I saw another post where you say it is a priority)
  • use of a connected iPad as an input device, modeling on macOS but with the pencil on the iPad

Do you think you will be able to continue to add features on Shapr3D despite the effort on this new platform?
Can we expect major features in 2021?

Anyway, please also consider my gratitude for this software that get me back to technical modeling. :clap:

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Yes, that’s a priority indeed. Without it the experience is a bit crippled.

Interesting, this is something that we’ve heard before. What would be the use case for this? I mean in this case why don’t you simply use your mac?

The mac has relatively little overhead, as mouse and keyboard are now first class citizens even on iPadOS, so we would have to support them anyway.

Yes. Many. :slight_smile: In Q1 for example engineering drawings are coming.

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Maybe I did not explain well, I’ll try my best.
I see the advantages of using my MacBook (or next year M1 machine) to have more power and larger screen.
The iPad has, for me, a far superior experience when you create your design: pencil and fingers combinations are wonderful.

As a hobbyist, using my iPad that I use for other tasks is cheaper than buying a Wacom with both tactile and pencil.
By the way, there may be a professional usage of this kind of interfaces for designers already using Wacom solutions.


Why just not use ipad as sidecar display?

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I don’t need an extra screen, I wonder if the iPad could be used as a king of Wacom device specialized for Shapr3D

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Yes! Actually with sidecar it works exactly like that. I believe we have some bugs in the implementation, but those should be fixed soon.

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I’ve attempted to use sidecar with Shapr for Mac, but it just doesn’t work well at all for me.
That being said, I’ve since picked up a space mouse, the basic one.
I also have an older Intuos 5 Wacom that I decided to set up and try with Shapr…
The space mouse and Wacom combined made Shapr for Mac incredible.
It’s “almost” like having a 27” iPad. The Wacom behaves like the Apple Pencil for iPad. No modifier keys to select multiple surfaces, etc.
Using the space mouse and Wacom, for me, is the biggest game changer on the Mac.

Just thought I’d share me experience.


That’s a very interesting combination! We have big plans for Wacom tablets. Which one are you using?


It’s the Wacom Intuos 5 Touch, with the wireless module.
I have yet to set up the side buttons and touch wheel on it for Shapr, but I have set up the pen buttons.
I’m basically left hand on the space mouse, right hand on the Wacom 99% of the time.
It’s great!


I second all of this.

I also have an M1 MacBook for the extra power but I almost NEVER use it for Shapr3D because it’s so clunky and cumbersome to navigate. Using the iPad Pro with Shapr3D is a pleasure in large part because of the touch controls. It vastly overwhelms any advantages the OS version might provide.

The best of both worlds would be to use the MacBook’s power with the iPad’s control.