Generate non-radial sphere


I’m new to both Shapr3D and 3D modeling in general. I’m trying to generate a body where I have three different arcs at 90° from each other and want to fill the area “between” them smoothly. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get this shape, is this simply not possible in Shapr3D? I can’t use revolve because the shape is not perfectly round, and and sweep fails with an “self intersections” error message.

What I’m trying to build is the roof section of the front of this train. I’ve managed to create the rest of the front using the loft tool, but this roof section I just can’t figure out,

Thanks, Sigurd!

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Hi, let me please share how would I create this body by projecting some curves onto the body and move those curves. Another good solution could be the Loft feature, but it needs quite a lot of cross-sections to get the exact bounding edges.


Awesome, thanks for the help! :bowing_man:‍♂

@KPeter_Shapr3D the error you got on the last offset edge
What is the reason for that ?

It happens to me sometimes

It would result in a self-intersecting curve, which can lead to many issues in solid body modeling. In the picture below the lower curve is the last curve offset (2 mm), and the upper is the result of a 3 mm offset

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Strange behavior.

It seems this tool does not handle irregular sketches properly.

But maybe matrices does not allow it to.