How would I create this body?

I’ve created a sketch and have been trying to make a body for it. I’ve tried using loft but the side done curve and the top becomes flat panels instead of domed.

Hi Tim, referencing your sketch it seems that you would like to have a dome-shaped body at both corners.
Here’s a short video on how to create a dome shape using the revolve tool:

We also have a great thread on generating dome-shaped bodies:


Thank you for replying, the shape is slightly different from just a dome. It’s irregular shaped dome though. I couldn’t get that tool to shape it properly.

Hello Tim - can you please share the file ( - Loft should work here. We would love to take a look.

Thank you, I sent you the file.

Hey Tim - got the file and had a look.

If you adjust the sketch of 7th profile (see pic), you can loft all these profiles together. On the 7th profile there were a couple of arcs that I would replace with a spline / redraw. It is trial and error - with the goal of creating a not self-intersecting body.

What I usually do in these cases:

  • See where I receive an error message
  • Adjust the profile
  • Try Loft again
  • repeat


Thank you, I’ll try your suggestions.