Generating Threads

When generating a metric thread on Shapr to get the pitch are there plans to be able to generate the pitch by direct entry instead of the angles you enter until the pitch “looks about right”. It would very useful if there was an icon to select “Thread” with a drop down box to select the pitch required and the start and end point (length of thread).

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Having a “thread” tool is not on our very near plans, however, we keep improving the app as fast as possible.

I will also pass on your feedback to our product team and hopefully, this might be available sometime in the app.
Thank you for your understanding!

It is possible to set the Pitch accurately by controlling the distance traveled by the spiral every revolution:

Note that the Thread Forming Shape has not been drawn fully for clarity purposes.

Thanks for the reply Gelphyn I will try your suggestion. Thank you

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Hi Gelphyn,
So off my screenshot, I have 1.5 pitch at 360 degrees. If I increase the angle from 360 to 720 ie 2 threads It doesn’t work.

so how do I lock the pitch at 1.5 and achieve a thread length of say 25 mm? If I divide the pitch into the length required it comes out at an angle of 6001.2 degrees or so. When I tried this Shapr failed and showed an error message “swept body has self intersection in at least one of it’s geometries”. So I am now confused.

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If you want 25mm of Thread that is the Height of the Thread

Your calculation 6001.12º looks good enter this as the Angle

Hit the Green Tick Box:

I get this:

When I produce Threads I prefer to use the Thread Profile as a Cutting Tool, as in use on a Lathe.
I create a Body, either a Cylinder [Bolt] or a Hole in a Hexagon [Nut].
The effect produced requires Tools > Subtraction, the Thread being taken away from the Bolt or Nut.

EDIT: Make sure the maximum width of the Thread Former is less tham 1.5mm in this case.
From the ScreenShot yours looks OK.

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A thread-tool already has been asked for multiple times - all participants in the old forum-thread offered to work with your team to implement it… Unfortunately nothing has happened!

The main problem is the handling of the revolve-tool - I don’t remember it completely, but for some reason it comes to an error if you’re working with the exact numbers…
Try something like 25.0001 instead of 25 or 359.9999 instead of 360 (or any number you need) - just be a little bit off from the exact value. It has something to do with the revolved thread shape overlapping with itself in one point after a full revolution with correct pitch…

Unfortunately the devs don’t find it necessary to work on it:(

Cheers Chris

Have a look at this old thread for some clarification…

Cheers Chris


The ‘overlapping’ aspect is the reason for my statement:

:star_struck: ahhh - now I understand it clearly…

Yes Gelphyn, this seems to be exactly my workaround - normally you’d use an equilateral triangle with the side-length being equal to the pitch-width as the cutting shape (or thread-forming shape as you called it), because this leads to ISO-standard threads with 60° angles.
Unfortunately, as we already know, this will lead to the overlapping-error.

But if we’re cutting just an “oh-so-tiny-bit” (technically one point should be sufficient) from the corners of the triangle-base than this shape wouldn’t contact itself after one revolution and progressing the pitch-width… The other characteristics of the thread will remain unaltered by this modification.

Hopefully this thread (no pun intended :wink: ) will help others in developing working-threads and not just thread-like-looking ones…

Cheers Chris