Generative Design and Parametric Modeling, Materials, and Simulations

Hey there Shapr3D and Shapr3D community! I noticed the topic of Generative Design and Parametric Modeling hasn’t been brought up in the forums/discord so I thought that I should start this topic up and see what the company and others think of these ideas. But couple of points and questions as we get started. Heads up it may be lengthy, but hear me out and please read! Please respond too. I would love to hear your responses, critiques, concerns, and feedback.

Ok here we go.
1.) Since Shapr3D competes with other CAD softwares that are now utilizing Generative Design and Parametric Modeling like Autodesk Fusion360 as an example, I know the caveats are that it costs money to implement the usage and you would have to buy more servers and implement that to a Cloud Server to generate the designs (in layman’s terms). But seeing as Shapr3D is connected or affiliated with with SIEMENS NX and SOLID WORKS (if I am correct) , I feel as though if Shapr3D has enough resources, money, and connections to make this possible as a future update and feature. Implementing this technology to their software and prospective hardwares will be revolutionary and make designs easier and cooler for all intended users! Both pro and beginners alike. So many people have iPads and Macs so the reach is high. Can you all imagine the possibilities and reach this could have if you implement this? People will start flocking in numbers to get their hands on this. And it really helps the Engineering, Architecture and Interior Design, Product Design market! The mixture of having an intuitive UI and ease of use of the app, portability of an iPad, quick design flows with the Apple pencil and touch screen, MacOs software compatible and having AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help aid in process design would be an amazing feat and should be worth bragging. Let alone groundbreaking technology.

2.) We, as a collective and as a Shapr3D community and Shapr3D as a company, can all do our part and help start a new defining wave of true form and function & art mixed with science in order to spread this new paradigm shift and see it flourish across the world. Imagine how many small businesses can grow and just enthusiast across the world with brilliant ideas, can do with Generative Design and all you need is an iPad for it? Imagine kids playing around and then learning really young how to design things, see them interact with AI tech, and see them explore where art meets with science and math. The future is now and I highly recommend, suggest, and plead that Shapr3D dives deep into using this technology. It would solidify your claims of being the best CAD app for quick and efficient design and workflows. Seriously!

3.) Seeing how in Generative Design you need to define what type of materials you are using, it also brings the question if you also have considered implementing a rendering plug-in or rendering cloud server at least, to allow the user to make a product or products look realistic and we can define the material? Can these be added soon as well besides just using colors? The iPad pro especially with the new m1 chip especially can handle the rendering and the ease of use of this app again would make this the #1 app. I would love to see Shapr push the boundaries and utilize the iPad’s performance and screen quality. Seeing a metal rendered part or wood on a 2K or 4K screen would go miles with this app. Especially seeing it really time with the AR technology!

4.) Lastly, it would be cool to simulate movement and utilize stress simulations and thermodynamics on to this app. Could you at least in the mean time, add a basic simulation plug in feature where we can tell the app where we want parts to move around and or rotate to enhance the visual aspect of a visual workflow before proto typing or full blown production? Both on the app and also seeing a simulation through AR toolkit on the iPad? Again, it would be extremely convenient and extremely essential to utilize this seeing how the competitions have this. But the difference is adding that AR tech so people can REALLY SEE AND IMAGINE in real-time.

Just ideas and constructive critiques on Shapr3D app as it exist currently :slight_smile: But thank you all in advance who sees this and thank you for your time reading. And make this topic grow in the forums! Again feedback would be great and please see this and respond Shapr3D! And thank you to all of the hard work you have been putting in these years to make a very good app! And good luck and have fun for all those that use this app! Happy designing :wink:


I’m asking for the same thing with the motion features for things like gears and pulleys, hydraulics, and other basic mechanical energy transformations.

You can at least use the Add Axis feature to rotate around. For instance, put an axis through the center a hole or set of holes and rotate whatever you want to around it.

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I know its been a while but I really hope they are working on this, its the only thing stopping me from moving over completely.

Check out our summer product tour :wink:

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Thanks! However I don’t see any mention of simulation, will this be added?

This year definitely not, as HBPM takes priority. We will see when the right comes for it based on priorities and other ongoing developments.

ah ok thanks, in the meantime, would you know is there are any simulation apps (i.e. stress testing etc…) that are already available for iPad or are in beta?

Sadly I’m not aware of any for the iPad :frowning: Cloud based solutions could work of course, if they are fitting for you.

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