Grouping of Sketches

Hello I’m I’m quite new to this so this request may seem stupid but I would like to see the groups page the same for sketches as it is for objects.

On the objects page you can add groups, change groups and rename groups.

However on the sketches page you can’t change anything.

Also on the move scale rotate page you can add groups of objects but not groups of sketches.

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All sketches on a single plane are auto-grouped. That is the way it works.

You can work around this by adding a construction plane a very small distance just above or below your main sketches and drawing there. For general work, this is OK for me; YMMV.

Hope this helps…



@tommyn is right. Sketch groups will require a huge UI improvement, we have some concepts for it, but we don’t have an ETA yet for that.


Thanks for the tips👌

Don’t know how your planning looks or what resources you have, but maybe this feature should move up in the priority list: I agree that’s this is a missing feature, which gets more annoying when designs grow in complexity.


Yes, we are aware that this is very important.

I remember asking for exactly this maybe 6-12 months ago :frowning:

More sketches on-screen seems very processor-intensive thus reducing battery and causing some slowdown issues. I really want the option to group, rename and hide my sketches, just like the groups :+1:t2:



If you have any workspaces where you can reproduce any performance issues, it would be much appreciated if you shared those with us.