"Group" tool

Hi, for some reason I don’t have the group icon on my desktop… I only have " Sketch, Add, Transform, Tool and delete"… what’s wrong?

Hi - we have upgraded the Group experience, please check this support page to learn how: https://support.shapr3d.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020219673-How-Items-upgraded-the-Groups-experience

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Thank you!
Just another question about groups: why if I disactivate a sketch layer (clicking the eye logo) it reappears as soon as I start to draw on that plane?? I hope you can get my question otherwise I’ll attach pictures.
Thanks again,

Because currently you can’t group sketches, and sketches on the same plane interact with each other.

waaa… do you think in future it will be possible to group sketches as well? It would be very handy I think…
What about the grid? How do I know if it over my drawing? It could actually be because when i draw beyond the axis line (I think the red one), the draw disappear on that side… do you have any useful link that could help me to understand this? Thanks!

Yes, it will be possible in the future to group sketches as well.
Re grid: just simply look at it :slight_smile:

I’m not getting… sorry :slight_ y
Why when I move the circle close to axis it disappears?? image image image

Thanks for your patience

I mean look at it from the side so you can see the grid is on the plane you want to sketch on or not. :slight_smile: When you double tap on a face the grid will move to it.

ok, but if i daw from the left or from the right I’ll always have the sketches hidden popping up… so this, I don’t think is connected with the grid…

Because they are on the same plane. Currently we don’t have sketch groups, thus if you sketch on a plane, hidden sketches will become visible on that plane.