Shapes and sketches question

In Groups, how does the relationship between shapes and sketches work? I can create a new Groups to organize and toggle visibility of my shapes, but it seems to randomly create different sets of lines under the sketches tab. How can I keep my sketch lines organized?

Sketches in a plane belong to a sketch group.

Ok…thanks! So if I’m drawing a floor plan of a house…and the sketch lines of the floor outline is on the same plane as the sketch lines of the walls, all those lines are in one sketch group? I was hoping there was a way to have two sketch groups in this scenario.

Yes, they will be in the same group. Currently you can not separate sketches, but we have plans to implement such functionality.

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Ok…thank you for the quick response and clarification! Great program!

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Any updates on this? The ability to neatly organize sketches will be make or break on renewing my license this year.

@Lefty @Koonce
All the following will possibly need review when iPadOS Files is fully implemented?

There are limitations but S3D it really great at offering alternatives. If you are not prepared to consider doing things differently then perhaps it will not be worthwhile to read on?

The following describes one method of Organising Sketches:

Multiple Sketches in One Folder

Considering requirements to have Sketches of the Floor Plan and Elevations, the following may be of use:

Plan+4Elevations.shapr (588 KB)

This uses Tools > Project to place the appropriate Sketch on a either one of the 3 Main Planes or any Construction Plane you care to create.
Alterations or additions can be made on either the Sketch or the appropriate Face on the Body, then using Project the changes can be placed appropriately.

The above are possibilities while using S3D at present, IMO it is best to ‘get organised and stay organised’ with the facilities available. Organised Designs will probably be easier to manage as Updates are released. Waiting for that special release and then attempting to sort out all your creations may be a daunting task that never gets completed?

The above may not help, but telling everyone what you need [with as much detail as possible] may yield the results you are seeking?

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We don’t have this functionality yet. In the meantime, we have implemented Items, that might be worthwhile to check out:

Sketches are still grouped by planes, automatically, but you can group them along with bodies and cons. geometry