Hangs on Calculating

I am trying to subtract, a smaller cylinder, from a larger cylinder — that also has geometry around it.

When I initiate the subtraction — with my iPad Pro plugged in, on Google fiber (10 Gigabit Ethernet connection), getting an average of 67 MB per/sec (you are reading that correctly), I have never made the operation complete.

I have waited 10 minutes, 25 minutes, and left it for an hour — still, all I get is: “Calculating…”

Could somebody please give me an idea, if I am merely overpowering this program, or am I doing something incorrectly?

Thank You, in Advance!

There are some operations where the current live version of the app can’t calculate the geometry. It has nothing to do with the internet connection or the iPad Pro being plugged in. It’s a bug.

But we have already fixed this issue with the new version of the app that is coming out shortly. We are in the final stages of the beta testing of Shapr3D 3.0. In that version you will be able to do this transformation easily.

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