Why subtraction doesnot work out

Ipad12.9 6th 16g model
Ipados: 16.5

desktop doesn’t work out too, but I can do it on NX10

subtraction not work out.shapr (267.2 KB)

I don’t read Chinese, but is it possible that you had “All” selected for “Keep originals of”? It would also help to see the left sidebar so we can see what objects are being created.

Hello RossiWu,

I had the same problem the other day. Managed a work around via export and reimport with another CAD program, same as what you did.

On yours we have observed the following, see ACIS error. And as I also discovered as well, the geometry needs to be “right” otherwise it won’t subtract, even as simple as an angle not be exactly correct can interfere with the operation.

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