Has there been an update? Absolute or relative measure when making adjustments


When doing something like amending an extruded shape, I think you used to be able to reduce the size and the modify the amount of extrusion relative to where you started. E.g. if I have a vertical cylinder and I want to reduce its height by 1mm, I could specify the 1mm change.

It seems now that you need to know the full dimension of the object then extrude to a new dimension as opposed to defining the delta.

Is this behaviour something that can be configured as I prefer being able to define the delta…?


I used to reduce or prolonged the distance I needed. But after a update the sistem changed. I need to adjust to the new changes.
Another thing I don`t like much, is the pencil that appear on the sketc. I guess it is not useful. And become the software heavy.

You can turn the pencil setting off in:-

Settings > Shapr3D > Tutorial mode (toggle off)

Agree with the above though extrusions requiring knowledge of the original shape sucks big time. Please revert back.

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