Can I edit a shape?

When I created a shape can I edit the values?
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When you extrude or fillet a shape, you can set values by tapping on the yellow label.
But we don’t have feature history, so you can’t directly change the height of an extrusion after creating it if that’s what you mean. Claas Kuhnen have created a wonderful new tutorial about the basics of Shapr3D:

There he changes the height of an extrusion by pushing/pulling it’s cap.

Dear Istvan,
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For example: Can I change a cube of 20 cm to 30 cm?

In that case I would simply scale it with the transform tool.

example.shapr (205.4 KB)
What should I do about the hole to make smaller?

I will check it asap - currently I am flying to SF, once I get to the hotel I will check it out.

Thank you! Have a good flight and a lot of success in SF

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Now I took a look. In this case you can’t remove the hole directly, you would have to remodel it. However we are working on a so called “feature removal” tool, that would let you to do exactly this. There is no ETA for that feature currently, but I really hope we will be able to release it by the end of the year.

Sounds good. Looking forward!

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