HBPM makes direct modelling become so hard

Does anyone here experience History base parametric modelling just makes direct modelling so hard?

Could you elaborate on that a little bit? Is there a specific direct modeling operation that is more difficult than before?

I used to delete the sketchs when my system become complicated, it faster my workflow to achieve my final model of system, now, HBPM does not allow me to do it like it before, and I need more time and more to accomplish my model…sometime it become annoying now to modelling in Hbpm… I hope there is still standar version after HBPM beta testing is finish or there is an option to active and inactive the history

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I organize my sketches in a folder. That gets them out of the way nicely. I just click the visibility “eye” next to my Sketches folder to turn them all on or off. I do the same with construction planes and axes.

Yeah, but when u need to draw in the same plane, the old sketch appear and it some time slowdown your work…

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In parametric modeling it doesn’t show up automatically. You can have multiple independent sketches on the same plane.

I still hope disconnect sketch between model

Maintaining the flexibility of modeling throughout. After all, this is the main reason why I chose this software at the beginning.

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The ability to create disconnected copies of bodies is coming soon.


So Glad to hear that… Thank you so much… Or is there chance to make options to activate or inactivate history when starting a project?

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No, we don’t plan to have an option for that, but if you close the history panel, the behavior of the modeling space will be so close to the current behavior, that you shouldn’t even notice. Also if you really want to get rid of the history for some reason, you can always make a history-free copy of your design, and delete the history.

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So Glad to hear that
I’m glad that you have been paying attention to the voices of users.

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Just want to know
is there have a option? After completing the sketch, choose whether to connect to the body or not.

I’m sorry that I have to use translation software to express my thoughts.

Right now there is not, and we don’t currently plan to add that. We will, however, add a separate tool that can be used to decouple/unlink a body from its history.

Why would you want to disconnect the two though? Like Gusriwandi, so that you can delete the sketch later and they are not in the way, or you have other reasons?

At first, I was attracted by the freedom of direct modeling.

I think direct modeling is the future trend. HBPM should become the past.

HBPM has several shortcomings for me.

  1. Spend too much time creating sketches

  2. To change a certain part, you must find the modification from the huge data.

And it may fail.

  1. The screen becomes messy because of sketches or other basic architectures. Although it can be improved by layers, I think it’s superfluneous.

  2. Too many parameter settings to achieve geometry

All of the above are the factors that cause time increase.

I think direct modeling should be the main core.

HBPM should be an auxiliary role and only appears when needed.

For me

The definition of HBPM is to connect to the sketch at the beginning.

The definition of direct modeling is not to connect to the sketch at the beginning, but only to the sketch when I need it.

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I know this is a Beta section, but I too am struggling to understand how this all works, when will there be some tutorials on how these features work and what some of the wording means

It makes sense — direct modeling can indeed feel liberating compared to rigid parametric modeling for many use cases. But in this particular case: why is simply hiding the sketch worse than deleting it? If you don’t want to use it anymore, you can just simply never touch it after the first operation. Is that not a good solution for you?

Peter, one problem I have is when I want to work on a body. When I isolate a body, hidden sketches come out and do get in the way. It becomes very difficult to select the face that the sketch is on.

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That’s a bug and will be fixed with one of the upcoming beta releases.


Sometimes the use of sketches and body is only auxiliary, so I hope to leave the part that needs to be used, so that I can quickly find what I want.

By the way Is it possible for the hidden button to be independent like isolation?

Let me select what I want to hide. For me, their concepts are a little different, but at some times they are more efficient to achieve my goal.

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Thanks, Istvan!

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