Heating things up ♨️

Electric space heater with remote just for fun.


I wish the AR / Object mode supported better resolution and “turn table”.



I’ve asked that there be shortcut keys added to allow smoother control over translate, rotate and zoom. I haven’t got a reply yet but I’m hopeful that it’s something they can implement soon.
An auto function like a turntable would also be a great solution for displaying a design to a client.
I wish they had a ‘position camera’ tool too like in SketchUp or Blender. Maybe someday.

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I agree. I’ve mentioned the need for saved camera positions. It one of the reasons I can’t recommend Shapr3D for a particular client. I’m hopeful that it will be implemented in the future.
Screen recording / history like Procreate would be great too.

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Yes, definitely. That would be a fantastic improvement.

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