Helix and threads

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I’ve been onshape user for around 2 years
“My starting point at 3D modeling on Android”

There is something I liked most is threading the holes

And ISO precise measurements kinda

Is there a similar tool on shapr3d?

***I like how the created 3D module not bound to the sketch, very A++++

Thank you.


Hi @MrJack88, welcome to the forum!
Currently, there is no dedicated thread tool. Here is a workaround with the revolve tool which is also able to create helix shapes. Please take a look at this video:

Thank you @KPeter
I noticed an issue with this method that the revolved end does not extrude right when you enter a number other than multiplication of 360 degree
For example making a torsion spring with revolving degree of 370 the end only extrude in helical with the same angel

You are welcome, but please help me put with a small screen recording or some screenshots, I didn’t get the 370° revolution case

@KPeter here is a video explaining

Revolve tool bug

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Edit : any number not 360 multiplication show the same issue
For example no issue for the 720degree but between 360 and 720 shows this issue
And 720 - 1080 and so on

Can you please set the sharing options to public? I cannot see it :confused:

I see now, thanks for the feedback. We will investigate it soon!

@KPeter oh it worked ??
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yeah, everything is fine :smiley: a few minutes after I asked you, there was a download link instead of an icloud login page

Screen record saved the video with size of 5 hundred million :crazy_face:
I only knew when I trie to upload it
Even compressing at 2% still 50mb

Just an info @KPeter

Between 0 and 360 no issue with extrusion but in the length of extrusion for some angles
Like at 60 degree revolution you can’t extrude for length of 20 for some reason