Threads (again)

@Istvan I have a request regarding the Revolve tool.
Designing threads (or any helical body) can be done with the Revolve tool.
Just tell how many revolutions and state the height you need and you’re done.
If you design a thread, let’s say M10, you know exactly the height per revolution.
My request is to modify the revolve tool to give the option to either specify the total height or the height per rev. The latter would make the design of screws and corresponding nuts, much easier as you do not need to do any calculations (like length divided by height per rev gives number of revolutions).

Oh and I love the way you are developing S3D. Sync is great, however I have one observation.
It does not sync in the background and that causes a lot of wait time when S3D is closed, after starting the app again (at least with that big Alfa engine design I am working on). I also notice that when it is uploading and you go to another app, the upload is stopped and when you return to S3D the upload is starting all over again. I’m sure that behaviour can be improved. (I know, the feature is very new so improvements will come in time. Just wanted you to know).