Help / challenge / torture test for Shapr3d

I designed a microphone head as a prop, probably overly complicated and I want to print it on my FDM 3d printer. However, i need to merge two parts (mesh and head) before i can export to STL. i have tried on my 10.5 iPad pro from years ago and from my mac mini, but neither work, they seem to give up after a long while.

on my ipad selecting the mesh plus any other part take a long time.
the mesh was created by creating a line, lofting a circle along that path, and then copying that extrusion every 5 degree until i had a 120 degree sector.
the horizontal tubes were created by drawing a 1mm circle along the original lofting line and then revolving the external semi circle 120 deg. then I merged all these tubes and copied it twice for the other sectors and then merging the 3 sections. selecting the thirds was taking a while and even longer when selecting the mesh.

Are the parts actually contiguous enough to merge?
Can any of your computer do it?

Link is here Dropbox - Shapr Public - Simplify your life

I checked out your file. The ‘mesh’ part, I assume is Body 05 (2) is incredibly detailed which is fine however may be problematic for 3D printing (meaning loss of detail).

The first part of the video shows the bodies I selected in Shapr3D. I didn’t bother to do a Union. I exported those visible bodies as an STL file for 3D printing. It weighs in at a whopping 321mb. I have a Prusa and put it in my slicer and it would print just fine. Note that you may lose a lot of detail from the ‘mesh’ part of the mic. I set the slicer to 0.10mm layer height with 15% infill and I have the std 0.4mm nozzle. Bottom line, it will print.