Exported stl has meshing problems and cant be 3d-printed

Hei there,

First up, im new here and don’t have much experience in 3D design.

I designed a small part for printing it. To design it was very easy and the software is very intuitive.
But wenn i export the file in stl or obj format, my 3D printersoftware reports a meshing problem. The Message also mentions something about a not closed mesch or not orientable.

Coud somone please tell me if this is a something i didnot consider in the designing? Is there something in particular to be aware when making a design to 3D print?
Unfortunatly i’m not able to uploade the stl file.

Thans a lot for your help

If you could tell me how to, i’m mornthen happy to.

Holder.shapr (424 KB)

Thanks for the help, for some reason it didn’t work before.

I dowloaded your file and loaded it in to the slicer and got the same message as with mine. If I load a different stl file, which. was not created with Shapr3D it loads without any errors. Im using a Cel Robot with Automaker, could it be that for some reason the Automaker software has a problem with the files created with Shapr3D?

Thanks a lot so far for your assistance and help.
At least i know there is nothing wrong with the stl or my design.
I hope sombody else out there might have the same software as me, and a solution.

After some serching and talking to the developer of my printer, i found the problem.
As it turns out, Shapr3D does not create very accurate stl-files. When l analyse the file, it shows hundrets off errors in the mash. Wheneinthe fix those defects, i can load the file in to the printersoftware without any errors.
I actualy considered to subscribe for Shapr3D, but not if the created files ar not usebel, and have to be fixt first.

Yes, after updating to the newest version I have STL and also STEP issues too. It’s very ugly! Has nothing to do with the Pro/regular version.

Yes it seems that it is happening for large data sizes for STEP!
For STL the mesh has structural problems probably since it will not be opened in other softwares.

Unfortunately it just happened for me for a low volume data case too! Both STEP & IGES

Oh NO dear friend!

I believe every revolutionary project has some problems naturally! I’m also preparing 5 patents and some scientific papers using Shapr3D as one of the softwares during the project. I’m stopped too but be patient please :blush::cherry_blossom:

I have subscribed for the pro version, luckily they give you a 14 day trial. As for the moment I will cancel the subscription bevore i have to pay. If this issue is resolved in the future I might go for the pro version.
As it looks I’m not the only one who experienced some faulty exported files. The software i use for printing is automaker from cel robox. This slicer software only accepts perfect mesh files, and unfortunately no built in tool to fix those issues.

Be patient please…I’ve been using STL exports of Shapr3D for quite a time. Undoubtedly they’ll solve the issue very soon. I heard from the developers that they are going to release the new sprint on Jan 2nd.

Can you sebd the workspace in .shapr format to support@shapr3d.com? We will fix the issue ASAP.