New member assistance

New member here. Thought I would say hello.
I have created my first design in Shapr3D following a tutorial.
Would anybody be kind enough to check out the stl files and tell me if it’s ok for 3D printing?

Never designed before in 3D and found the app fantastic with great tutorials.

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Here is the zip folder

Hi Nick, welcome.
I would be happy to have a look however I cannot download or unzip the files. Do you have experience with 3D printing?

Hello @TigerMike.
Thank you for your time.
Here is the link again

No, I haven’t as yet.
I am waiting for my first Printer to arrive as a kit so I can assemble.
It’s also the first time I tried using any 3d software.
So far it has been very easy to model something simple. I guess with time, going through the forum and following tutorials, it will get easier.
Prusa i3 MK3s

That is the same link as before. I can see the list of files but cannot easily access them. Can you just upload a file or two directly? Personally, I do not know the ins and outs of using online Google tools.

I have about a year and half experience with 3D printing. I initially started with the TAZ6 and several months ago I decided to get a 2nd printer as a backup. I bought the Prusa i3 MK3s kit as well. I simply LOVE IT.

Without seeing any of your STL files I can offer some advice on a couple of points. First, make sure the bodies you export for STL are solid bodies. If they are not, then the slicer program that creates the code for 3D printing can cause print problems. For example, lets say you have designed 2 lego blocks and they are connected together and they look like one solid body but in actuality they are 2. This can be exported as 1 STL file and it may cause print problems. You need to combine the 2 bodies as 1 with the Union tool, then do the export. Another thing to consider is the overall part design with regard to overhangs and whether the part can be printed with or without support material.

Hope that helps…for now. :slight_smile:

The rods.stl will be a challenge to print. Especially the center one. Two problems:
1: The rather large horizontal hole will probably need support, so you will need to do some cleanup afterwards. This is true for several of the parts.
2: The spiral has too much overhang to print without support I think. This could again be solved with support, but you will have alot of cleanup afterwards.

The rest looks fine to me


Thank you @TigerMike.

Cant wait to try things out!

Thanks @Jan.egebo.

Are the supports added in the 3d model software or in the Slicer software?

Sorry about the noob questions… Have to start from somewhere :slight_smile:

Thats a fair question. Support are generated in the slicer software.


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