Help making a pattern

Trying to copy a simple pattern of circles down a line all 6” apart. When I copy the first circle it doesn’t allow me to put in the distance I want the copy to go. Is there a simple way to make a pattern of sketches. This was an easy task in Fusion 360.

Hi Roly,

What do you mean by “it doesn’t let me put in the distance”? The distance should be shown, and when you tap on the number you should be able to enter a value. Does the number not appear for you?

when I select the circle it gives me the Icon to move the sketch in different directions. Then I hit the copy sketch icon and move the copied sketch, no dimension arrows or icons appear.

I’m looking for for a way to make 6 circles 6” apart on a straight line without having to copy each one separately.

Hi @Roly, just tap on the arrows with the pencil and you can type in exact dimensions for move/rotation. If you select more then one items when copying, you can create a pattern as you can see in the video:

Let me know please if it helps

Great, I didn’t know you can click on the arrows. Works great now.