How can I make Holes for screws? in a circle type pattern

  1. How can I make Holes in Shapr3D for screws in my Circle like 4 of them evenly spaced in a circle pattern.

  2. Then i want to be able to copy my Circle with the holes for another design, how do you copy part of a drawing for another drawing?

The holes I want to make are in red. But i want them centered and aligned correctly like that.


Problem 1:
Double click the sketch in order to get a front view, hide bodies if they are in the way.

Find the middle point of the large circle. In order to get the correct distance from the centre of the circle to where you want your small circles. Draw circle at the top of the line as shown in this figure. Select the small circle and select the “Move/Rotate” function. A blue and white dot will appear in the small circle, draw this point to the centre of the large circle as seen in the figure.

Click the + button and rotate a desired angle, e.g. 90 degrees.

Rotate twice more in order to get four circles at evenly space positions and angles.

Problem 2: Save the file containing the sketch you wish to export in the Shapr3D native format. Create or open a new design and import the file.

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Thank you will this work for IMac also? Or is anything different, I forgot to mention that

It will work on MacOS as well!

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My problem on copying is I have other stuff in there, so I was wondering how your copy just the rings, kinda like you do the computer you’re just like select shift and copy copy copy and then save and then you paste, it is there a copy and paste.

I wish there was a better solution, but there is none (as far as I know). Personally, I duplicate the file I wish to export and remove everything else. It would be awesome if we could copy and paste between files though.

Funny, I am on Mac so double click does not work for working on that plane, it is hover over and hit space bar, so that part is ok, but anyway I did hit the copy or the plus, and it will not show me the move rotate? just goes up or down or sideways…Am i missing something?

After selecting the sketch, click “close” in the left list. Then you will find the mote/rotate function

I tried everything, it was different on mine for some reason, all it wanted to do was turn the circle and I even hit the copy…

So then i drew a circle as a template, then did the copy function and tried to place then evenly around as the circle would follow the template …

Now I am trying o evenly space these, i want to only be able to put like 8 in instead of twelve… but the circle I drew went thru the center of all the circles as i stated it would follow the circle templet, then I removed the template so to speak…

This I did not understand…Draw circle at the top of the line as shown in this figure. Maybe a movie would help?

it just wanted to spin the circle, not add another one on the copy function…

Sure! Here you go:

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ok, I got it now!! have to click close thats for sure…now i just have to figure out the degrees…to split them up somehow, or is there anther way to make them equal?

You can use the “equal” function found to the right of the screen. However, the process is more complicated than just computing the rotation. You would have to draw lines from the center to the position of the holes, then lock each “line+circle” segment together and finally select all angles for the lines and press equal.

Best solution would be to simply use the following formula:

rotation angle = 360 / number of segments

e.g. 14 circles would be:

rotation angle = 360 / 14 = 25.7142

Note: Shapr3d utilize parasolid for cacluations which has a precision of four decimals (i think), so you don’t need more than four