Help with some shapes and with a basic reservoir

Hi everyone,

Would anyone be willing to help me out with a few II think, relatively) simple designs? I’m new to CAD and have been learning fast thanks to Shapr3D but I don’t think I can learn this on the timescales I’m working on. (I have a live Kickstarter).

I want to offer custom platform shapes, so instead of just round, the option to have a square platform, or a flower/ petal-shaped one (the petals shouldn’t be too deep so as to not lose growing space).

I also want to show the pro base water reservoir and have a clear sense of how it should be. Let me know if you think you could help me out!

I’ll try help if I can. PM me and let me know what you are looking to make.

Sure you can learn it. This only took 5 minutes (only 1 cup of coffee is my excuse).

That’s nicely done. Are you sure you really need help?
If so, send some reference images and any relevant info such as measurements and I’ll get started.

Thank you, I appreciate the encouragement. I’m sure I could learn. It’s more that I fear I won’t find the peace and tranquility needed to dedicate the necessary time to it between running around and doing a bunch of different things now that the project is live.

For some reason it didn’t occur to me prior to launching that a big advantage of in-house additive manufacturing would be the ability to offer many options for customization.

It’s late here now so I’ll have a go at that tomorrow after work.

and just for general context: as soon as I went live, I was contacted by East Asian manufacturers to produce this offshore. I think we might have overdone it with offshoring in general, and I really think this is the kind of product that should be produced in-house. I’ve managed to reliably print the central tubes to be water-proof, can connect o-rings to make the whole structure water-proof (although I’d rather figure out how to directly print an o-ring on with a flex material), and have identified a micro-porous filament working excellently for the intended purpose.