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I am making a toothbrush with a disposable brush. The shape of the tootbrush itself is finished, now I just need the brush part. It is supposed to be a platform to hold the brush hairs. I was just wondering how I can create thuis platform with the exact dimensions of the “hole” in which you place it. For your convenience I have provided a screenshot and the .shapr file.

If you could help me that would be extremely appreciated.

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Jonathan :slight_smile:

brush.shapr (1.1 MB)

The video says it all. I purposely made copies to show the various steps.


And here’s the Shapr3D file for your info. Note: the platform piece here is not scaled down at all.
Brush2.shapr (2.6 MB)

Here’s a better way using Project.


Thank you for the help thus far, I was also wondering if it is possible to have the platform the exact same height. Now it’s sticking out a bit on the upper side. Thanks in advance
Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 09.33.34

I projected the inner curve on a plane and created a closed box to extrude-remove the upper portion of the platform. The 2nd video shows the projection part in more detail.



That’s brilliant work Mike, it’s always worth reading your posts. I never thought of doing that before even though it’s so simple.

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Thank you so much for the brilliant help Mike!