History would be great

History would be great So that you could go back in time and change something, thanks


Hi - We are currently working on solutions, where you can directly go and edit your objects, so there is no need for the history tree. We will continue along this path, trying to make a direct modeling tool that is well-equipped to tackle most of the challenges a history-tree solution can :slight_smile:


A history tree not only provides an ability to change objects but also to rollback specific changes in the design. Right now it’s impossible to know what change is being undo as there is no place to see these changes. This function is critical when playing with different directions and options in the design process.


Maybe a simple label as to what is being undone/redone would help?
“Undo Union”
“Undo Line”
“Redo selection”
I would love that sort of feedback when using undo/redo!

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