History / Undo PLEASE!

I’ve lost so many hours re-designing pieces as a result of ‘losing’ my Undos. If the app crashes I loose them.

Sometimes I just want to get to a previous iteration. This is the same in ANY app. A feature that every user will benefit from. Designing just isn’t a linear process.

We are really sorry about that, and we are working really hard to make the app better and better.

Until we don’t implement feature history/versioning/component library, you may want to export your workspace to .shapr format at certaint stages of your process, so you could go back to a given stage. Indeed this is not ideal, but could be a workaround.

But I have tell you that improving the workflow with something like that is on the roadmap, and considered as an important feature that we will implement.

What I have seen some users do as a workaround:

They use the “Layers function” in the app to save previous versions / iterations of the same model.

  1. You create something -> put it on a specific layer (like Layer #1).
  2. Make a duplicate of it on another layer (Layer #2), hide the 1st one (Layer #1) and continue the work on the new layer (Layer #2).
  3. And you can continue iterating this way.

Works pretty well in many cases.

Thanks for the reply guys!

I’ll try to use the workaround until the feature is added.

I usually keep lots of complex objects in each scene. I delete all objects expect the one I want to export then Undo to bring them back to keep. This workaround usually works. Sometime the history is lost though.

I have trouble using the Groups (I guess you mean this when you say Layers?)…but will work a bit more with them to try and ‘Save off’ back-ups.

Thanks again. Kick ass app!

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What was your problem with groups? Currently we are redesigning that feature, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

I can’t seem to remove objects from a Group. This makes is hard to use the feature without copying objects.

Maybe an option to keep the Group open would inspire me to use it more…I’m sure the Groups works well it’s just I find it hard to use.

Currently every object has to belong to a group, so you can only move objects between groups.

Ah I think this is where the problem lies…I only want to add objects to a group. If they are already in a (default) group it’s harder to move them?

Maybe it’s…

Scene > Group > Sub group

Most of my designs are smaller collections of objects that make bigger sections.

Garage (scene) > Car > engine

This way I can move the car (in one go) or move the engine by Seles ruin the sun group.

Maybe a prompt to name the group when a new one is created will drive better and more organs used workflow.

Hope this helps!

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