Hole feature

Hole feature would be nice to have, like this photo below in solidworks.

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There are several ways to make holes in Shapr3D, all of them easy enough to do.

I know how to do it, I do mechanical parts, so having this would make it easy. Also when doing the drawing you can have the hole callout.

I understand now. I’ve started downloading stl files of bolts, screws, rivets etc. for making holes. With the new align tool now it’s very easy to resize the bolt, align it to a spot and then subtract it from the original item.


If you are 3D printing your bolts and bolt holes you’ll need to be able to scale your bolts to really wierd numbers like 5.8 or 5.9mm diameter instead of 6mm. Do you have that capability?

Although now you can scale on just 2 axis in Shapr3D, so that’s also an option! How do you scale your bolts?

Here’s a 3D printed bolt from a number of years ago. Definitely odd sized!


Don’t use STLs. Use STEP or X_T. If you do a Boolean operation on a solid body with a mesh, the result will be a mesh.