Tapered holes for bolts

Hey everyone. I have some holes for bolts in a project and I’m having a little trouble creating another tapered hole on my face to allow for the bolt heads. I made an 5mm hole for my m5 bolts but then when I go to do the next bigger hole around it I can’t get it to taper. Any idea how I can do this?thanks so much for your time.

You can use Scale to taper an existing hole.


hey tiger mike. thanks. so are you saying I make that hole with the scale tool and then at the bottom of that hole make another hole for the threaded length of the bolt? thanks in advance

Yes, provided your tapered hole will meet a length of standard thread to receive a bolt.
Do you intend to make a tapered thread?

im trying to make a hole for a flat head tapered m5 bolt. this seems pretty simple to me but somehow I can’t figure it out. so strange

Is this what you’re trying to do?

I have an m5 bolt like this here. im just trying to make a tapered well for the head and then a longer hole for the threads. there’s going to be a little play in that hole as it assembles to another piece with a knurled insert in it. 10mm top of hole 3.5mm deep to a straight hole 5.25mm wide. it seems really easy but im stumped

No. That’s the problem. My issue is way more simple than that (what you did was awesome”. I just need a straight hole through my stock with a “come” shaped area above it so my m5 bolt is recessed into my stock. I’m using threaded inserts on one piece and attaching another piece to it with a standard m5 bolt. I want the bolt hole to have a little play and a tapered hole below the surface of the stock so the bolt is recessed. Thanks a ton for your help.

Have you tried extruding the hole, then use Chamfer? Select the edge of the bolt hole, drag the arrow one way or the other to get the chamfer. I’m not on my iPad, so can’t make a video.

Does this help?

im mounting one piece of stock to another. piece one has a knurled female insert in it already. im bolting piece 2 to piece one with an m5 bolt. im trying to make a hole through the stock of piece 2. at the surface of piece 2 im trying to make a “conical” hole to allow for the tapered flat head of the m5 bolt. thanks

ill check when I get back to my iPad. thanks so much for the input

thats exactly it. two distance chamfer! rock solid you guys. huge help. have a great weekend.

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Hi Jonny,
A little different method than the esteemed @TigerMike and @McD presented… A resource that might help is McMaster-Carr. You can freely download files like this:
91294A208_Black-Oxide Alloy Steel Hex Drive Flat Head Screw.STEP (339.2 KB)
From here:

If you start with a through hole, you can align the screw with that (both are cylinders), after aligning, you can move the screw up/down and it will snap the planar face. Then subtract the screw from the body.

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That actually sounds fun. Gonna give it a go. Thanks a ton

As @Bob3DPO suggests, exporting the STEP format from the McMaster site, allows an amazingly high number of objects to be imported into Shapr3D. Then by using subtract or add, one can achieve nearly perfect designs. Other than for rough prototyping, I’ve abandoned my FDM printers and produce all my design using a FormLabs 3 resin printer. The results using the add or subtract features of Shapr3D and the STEP files from McMaster have always been excellent.

In your case, you could import that bolt, subtract it, scale it 1%, or leave it alone. Print it, and you’ll have a perfect fit! McD

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I haven’t tried using a step file, but I’ve imported a few 2d images from McMaster-Carr for designs; I must try the STEP method!

Before reading that I was thinking that the loft tool should work to create an object that matches the screw head. Create planes set the distance apart that matches the height of the screw head (from the top to the start of the screw shaft) then make a circle on one plane that matches the top diameter (I’m adding 5/100 mm to my radii to get enough clearance; someone mentioned scaling up 1%- that’s just to make room in the hole in the final part so that the screw will fit). Make a circle matching the shaft diameter (plus a very small amount- match the through-hole diameter) on the lower plane. Loft between them to get the “cone” shape then subtract that from the part to accommodate the screw head.

No need for Loft or Construction Planes.
Use either Extrude or Revolve.