Home/center on selection

I feel like I’m losing my mind. I swear I saw a feature where I could “home” or “center” on a selected body or sketch. I think I saw a button appear and disappear at the top centre of the screen (ipad version). I never hit it, when it appeared, but now I wish I had such a feature and I can’t find that button. Is there something I have to do to make it come back? Or did I imagine this.

If it was imagination, could I ask for such a feature? I want to recenter the 3D navigation to be around the center of the selection.

Ah, I found something. At the bottom of the outline view, there’s an ellipsis button that has a “Zoom to selection” command in it. I think something like this was showing up at the top of the screen at one point.

This gets me part way there. I wish it also made it so that rotating the view was doing so relative to that selection. This kind of seems to work, sometimes, but not always. Is this feature a work-in-progress, maybe?