Keep Zoom focus on selected part

I keep getting lost inside of parts that are close together because zoom (look at) center resets to what ever wall view is projected on to. It should not do this when something is selected in my opinion.
This is great when navigating but not so good when you are working on fine details and accidently move the eye in to another object. Zoom center gets applied to the face it sees and I can NOT simply zoom in to get they eye back out of the object.

Also… I’ve been having issues with the mouse and dragging anything. Planes, faces… I get 'Something went wrong" even tho it should of been a simple drag or move.

It happens to me all the time. Maya has the future, it’s called “Focus” and it’s assigned to the f key. i’m constantly clicking F-key to no avail. I hope they add focus to shapr3d, but if I find a work around I’ll post it here.

I found the focus feature i mentioned right after posting. Shapr3d calls it “zoom to selection”, and it’s looking in a popupMenu on the side bar of the Mac version of shapr3D. I hope that helps.

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