How can I export individual components with their 2D drawings in Shaper3D format?

I have been working on a new product for over a year now and is finally entering production. The entire design phase i worked on the product as a single large assembly. and now that all the components are going to REV A i’d like to split each component off into its own project for easier management moving forward.

The only issue is that I can’t find a way to export a component with its drawings in the Shapr3D format. Some of these component drawings are up to 8 pages long! i can’t imagine having to redo them all from scratch just because i want to split the assembly into multiple projects.

The problem is the assembly has gotten incredibly unruly especially the numerous drawing revisions, some parts are up-to REV X15. plus it doesn’t help that some of the component drawings are up to eight pages long, and for some reason Shaper still doesn’t support multi page drawings or drawing folders which is just crazy to me.

For context, i’m on a Corei7 10900K, 64GB RAM and a Radeon Pro W5700 and this project still takes over a full minute to open at this point.

There must be some way to get this better organized without redoing all the drawings from scratch?

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The only way I know of is to select everything you don’t want, delete it, export the remaining design to a new Shapr file, and then undo the deletion (the Undo function should do it).

Export to shapr format and name it for the part you want. Open that and delete everything else.

oof thats gonna be a heck of a process. But definately sounds like it’ll work so thats what I’ll have to do.

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