Export only selected parts


As I am usually involved in the development of some machinery, frequently I need to export only a piece of a great amount of them, imaging how many screws and bolts I can export every time :smiley:

Be forced to export all the parts of the model the process becomes more tedious and slow.

Could you take this into consideration? Many thanks for considering my request.


This would be an excellent feature!
I also design machinery and often need to design and manipulate multiple components in one design to create a functioning model.
It would be great to export only selected items, not only out of Shapr3D, but also within the software.
Currently I have to duplicate a design, Isolate a single item, then delete all other data which takes a very long time.
It would also be advantageous to save multiple file types at once. I invariably save designs as .dxf, .pdf, .shapr and .step. This mean I have to save several different times. To be able to create a files through the app then choose to save multiple formats from there at once would save a lot of time.


We are using Shapr3D in the game industry and this would be an awesome feature. Reuse of assets is standard in the industry (which is why you see rocks that look alike except rotated). This would be similar to the “component” in Sketchup (although not nearly as powerful). It would make sharing of components between designs easier.

Just Isolate the parts you want to export and only those will be exported.


…as long as you do not use the shapr3d-format, what is more of a “save as” then an “export”.

This should be achievable, it helps to organize the elements into folder in your drawing. You can both toggle them on you off - or - simply select the bodies you wish you export and select the isolation feature found in the bottom right corner of the layers display. From there you should be good to go.


This works except for the export to Shapr3D native format (which is curious).

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What would be useful is the means to make a library of shapes for use in different projects. This would be helpful when working on projects with a number of different iterations when a selection of objects may be reused or ‘tried for size’.

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This would help me as I often have to be very reactive with my workflow. Parts are design on the workshop floor to resolve production issues. In this instance I must work very quickly. Often I dont name parts of a design but send them direct to the laser. It would be a great advantage if I could select parts instantly and export them to a new design where they can be worked on seperately.

I would like import/export a FOLDER with all his contents. This will help to organize multiple designs with lots of parts and sub-assemblies. Directive #include works so well in many things…

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Yes I would like to be able to only export a group or selection only. - And/Or save or export as a individual Shapr assets

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I agree we need to save out individual bodies within Shapr3D files as new files within the app. Reusing parts between models is the most important thing.