Exporting or saving components of a complex drawing to a new drawing to work on seperatly

I’m continually amazed but the power of this program and the constant upgrades from when i first started using it are fab. But as my drawings get more complicated and repetitive i find that i need to be able to out components from 1 job or drawing and put them into another. But I’m finding this impossible unless i do the whole thing one of my files is over 200mb and has the collection of all the ovens i make on it. I would like to be able to select one of the ovens in that drawing and import it into another new drawing but each time i try it imports the whole file all 233mb

I have tried hiding everything i don’t need. But then even when it only shows the product i want in the display screen it still uploads the whole file

I would like to be able to select just one layer with that 1 product on it can any one help

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only the shapr3 format doesn’t allow you to hide then export a single file……use one of the other file types.

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Select what you want to export, click Isolate, export to X_T, and import it to another workspace. Visualization data won’t be transferred this way though.


Thanks for prompt reply. Took me a while to locate the isolate button in the bottom of the items menue but this should solve a lot of the problems I’ve been having look forward to trying it

Bingo. Thanks

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