How can I make 12 copies of objects along the curve?


How can I make 12 elements of Adirondack on this sketch with equal distance between each other and first and last elements placed on the end points of the curve?

Thank you.

It’s only my first coffee, I assume you want them equidistant from each other? Slats on a bench?

I’d probably try this:

  1. use the offset tool to recreate the curve above the original, half the distance away to the height of the “slat”.( E.g. if the slat is a 2 x 4, make the distance 1.)
  2. Make reference lines between your red marked ticks through both curves to make “points” to snap the centers of your slat profiles to.
  3. make copies of the slats moving them to the appropriate points on the second curve you offset
  4. Lock the center point of the slats. And points on the curves
  5. Use the tangent constraint where the slat meets the line to align them to the curve.

My communication skills suck, sorry.

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Important inquiry. I hope the Shapr 3D team will add a tool to solve such a problem (the process of repetition on curved lines), and I suggest that you try this solution for your problem. .

Thank you


Yeah, creating patterns along curves is a bit difficult.

I like your approach though :slight_smile:

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That’s kinda what I was going for. Bravo!

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I took a different approach. This method may not be exact, but it may be close enough.

I drew an arbitrary spline and it measured 21.159" in length.
Divide 21.159" by 12 = 1.763". I then drew lines of 1.763" along the spline head to tail so to speak. Then offset each line by .25" (in my example). Then easily sketched closed rectangles exactly 1/2 the 1.763" length after I moved the spline away from the plane. Then the final extrusion. One caveat though: the last line segment at the end of the spline was a little short of the 1.763".


Always a pleasure Mike. Multi-replicate, linear, to path, circular etc would be nice too.