How to distribute space of multiple shapes in between evenly

Hi, beginner here. Let’s say you have 6 rectangles, is there a function to align them to distribute the space in between evenly?

Hi, currently they can only be aligned uisng the move/rotate transform feature.
This allows you to select multiple objects and also set an equal distance between them as shown below:

Hi @Victor_Shapr3D, that works. Thank you! Appreciate your video guide

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Hi Victor Ive tried to watch this small video several times its works visually ok but for some reason there is no sound. What I’m actually trying to achieve is to equally space posts on a decking project I’m currently working on. Any advise would be greatly received thanks

Hi, can you please share with us what is not clear?

To create copies, please select the objects you wish to copy (if it is a body, double-tap on it with the pencil), then select the Move/Rotate tool from the toolbar, and don’t forget to tap on the copy badge to make copies.

Hi Peter what I’m trying to do is fit 4”x4” post on an axis for a decking frame let’s say 25ft long. Instead of physically measuring the axis and dividing it into let’s say four. Is there a way that shapr3d can do this for you


Oh, I see. There is no tool to divide a length into equal parts, but it can be done with a trick. Please have a look at this thread and let me know if that helps:

The hack I’ve been using is to create multiple elements that I want to space evenly, draw a line between each of them, add a constraint that all of those lines should be equal, then change the length of a line to be the distance I’m looking for. I then delete the lines afterwards, or just leave them there if I want to use them to create a framework. Lines generally don’t render as long as you’re selecting all of the areas you want to extrude.

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Thanks Jay that’s a really good idea I will try that thank you

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