Specify distance between planes along an arc

I saw this thread about making a design plane to a point along an arc. How would you go about making sure each plane is a specific distance from another one? So when you add an object to each plane they match the plane angle and are the specific distance? As you can see, I am trying to make eyelashes around the eye along a curve.

Did you mean to ask me or SHAPR?


  1. Create rectangles
  2. Lock in their dimensions and make them horizontal/vertical
  3. Lock the distance between two of their points
  4. Snap their mid-point to the arc

here is a video: https://share.getcloudapp.com/OAubK8rZ

I interpret your requirement slightly differently and again this is only another way of achieving an objective.

Assuming that you have a Circular Curve [Circle or Segment of a Circle] and you wish to divide it equally and add Planes at a specific Angle.

This is one way of achieving the objective.
In this case it is dividing one quarter of a Circle into 8 equal parts, 90º ÷ 8 = 11.25º. Sketch a Radius Line and use Transform > Move/Rotate > Hit the ✚ Icon to pivot the Line from the Centre of the Circle typing in the Angle.
Repeat as necessary:

Use Add > Construction Plane [CP] > Choose Perpendicular from Point place a CP on the end of each Radial Line:

Use Transform > Move/Rotate To adjust the angle of the Plane(s) to the desired degree, these have been set to 40º:

Assuming the need is to divide a Curve/Arc equally, S3D provides sufficient information for the maths to be done:

If the task involved something more complex I would divide a combo Curve using a series of Circles on a trial and error basis, but this would only provide an approximation:

In the image I posted, I want the spacing between the centers to be the same. I want the center vertical line of the each rectangle to be perpendicular to the arc.

Choose the Arc and move the Point as required