How can I slope this extrusion to join the two levels?

Not sure I explained that right, but what I’m trying to do is extrude that section so it joins the two levels with a slope. If I extrude it now it just takes it up and down vertically. If I try and grab the edge it will just do a chamfer. Is this possible or am I going about it all wrong?

I might have misunderstood but did you try clicking on the Move tool after you clicked on the edge?

You’re on the right lines, I wanted the outer ring to stay the same height (3mm) but the one I selected in the image I need it to become a slope down to the section next to it which is only 1mm in height

If you know the height difference between the two, as well as the distance between the inner ring and outer. You can just select the edge and go to filet, then select 2 distance filet and use those values.

Is this what you want to achieve?
I used a spline to create the slope. You can use a straight line instead of you like.

Thanks for the videos everyone, no the outer ring will be the highest point at 3mm, the ring I selected in the picture I want that to slope straight down to meet the 1mm height of main body ring.

I see. Well, my approach still applies, right?


Absolutely yeah! sorry I got a bit confused with the other video. The spline looks really good actually as it adds a bit of bevelling to it too. Thanks Mike that’s not the first time you’ve helped me out.

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