How do I get Shapes from Illustrator dxf to free move?

So, Im very very new to Shapr 3D, so my experience is admittedly very superficial(?). But based on any and all shapes I’ve created directly in shapr3D, there is a dot that appears in the center when you are in the move/rotate mode of selected shape that, when click and moved, allows me to move said shape freely. Not just on x-axis, y-axis, or z-axis. The shape in the video is one that I made in Illustrator, exported as DXF file, and then imported into into Shapr3D. Once in Shapr3D, I can move using the axis, but if I click on the dot and drag, it’ll only “moves” the dot itself along with the arrow controls, and not the shapes. This isn’t seen in the video, but i’ve I select somewhere else, or another shape, and then reselect the Sakura blossom shapes, the controls are right back where they should be. So… in essense, clicking and dragging the dot does nothing. It just looks like it’s moving the controls. Anyone have any thoughts? Any input and help would be deeply appreciated. Oh, and in all, there are 3 “Shapes”. The pistil, the Sakura blossom shape, and then ring outlining the sakura blossom shape. This issue occurs regardless of if its one shape or all of them.

You can’t really move an object freely, it has to be along some axis/reference. This isn’t really an issue, it’s more of a feature. :sweat_smile:

Being able to move the center is actually very helpful when you need to move a geometry of one body about a geometry of another body. (i.e. a door about a hinge)

If you need to put this sketch on a body, I suggest using the Project tool.

First off, thank you for the prompt reply! I appreciate it very much. So, In this video youll see right off the bat an example of what I am referring to when he moves the line. First he demonstrates horizontally (X-Axis), then vertically (Y-Axis), and then by holding down the point, he’s able to move the line freely. In following tutorials, maybe even later in the same video) he uses the point to move closed shapes, as well as 3D Bodies. I can record a video tomorrow to demonstrate, but I am able to do it with shapes created in Shapr3D. But for whatever reason, I can’t seem to move shapes that are imported from DXF files, DFX files created in Illustrator.
I’ll also have to look at/for that Project tool you were referring to. That actually sounds like a feature Ive been needing and searching for. So Ill keep you posted on that tomorrow as well. Thank you again (b^_^)b

I kinda misspoke :sweat_smile:
I thought you wanted to freely move the sketch in 3D. My misunderstanding

You can move a sketch freely as long as you are in a 2D view. If the sketch is closed, double tap the face to go into a 2D view of the sketch- then double tap all the sketches and you should be able to move them freely along the 2D view.

If this isn’t working, there might be something wrong with the imported sketch. I haven’t imported sketches that much yet, so I don’t know too much about it.

If you are able, you could share the sketch or sharper3d file in this thread and we can try it out

It won’t let me share the dxf file, but heres a link to the file on Onedrive

And here is the shapr file

I downloaded the file you gave me and imported it to shapr3d. Seems to work fine to me: Moving a sketch - YouTube

Thank you for doing that :+1:. Technology hates me. I wonder what im doing wrong :\ ill take a look at a few things when i get home and follow up tomorrow. Thank you again, your help is deeply appreciated.

I agree with @SM1 . I too downloaded both the DXF file and the Shapr3D file. The DXF when imported into Shapr3D moves around fine in 3D space. Your Shapr3D file had some constraints which is why it couldn’t be moved. I selected Disconnect and was able to move the sketch around.

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Please excuse me, I viewed your message and planned on taking a look at the constraints today. There shouldnt be any, so I was kind of surprised. But I have to wait till tomorrow before I can check. Thank you for your help and patience.

I imported the DXF into a new Shapr3D workspace. No constraints, no issue.
I imported your Shapr3D file into a new workspace and there was a constraint which didn’t allow sketch movements in 3D space.

Separately, I noticed on the original DXF, and your file, that there appears to be an extraneous line (sketch) some distance from the main flower sketches. Not sure if that means anything, just thought I’d mention.

Sry about the random line. I probably made that when trying to move.
I don’t see any constraints… although truth be told, Im probably looking in the wrong place. What did you do to find the constraint? Please keep in mind that I am very very new to this. I was under the impression that constraints affect sketch shapes.
Lastly, usually when you make a shape using sketch, you select said shape, and then click/tap and hold that center dot around to move it freely in 2d space. When I hover over that dot, regardless of which shape it is, there is a purple cross hair that shows up over the dot. Is that a constraint? I feel like that is definitely what’s causing the difference between the desired action (moving the shape/object) and only moving the center point, which is what’s happening to me.
Also, thank you for your help (b^_^)b

You should look up the Shapr3D tutorial on Constraints for detailed explanation.
Aside from that, here’s an example. Sketch a line and you can then select it and move it around and make it longer or shorter. Now, give it a dimension and that is a constraint that disallows stretching it longer or shorter. Select one end of the sketch and you can ‘Lock’ it. Once locked it cannot be moved unless you use the Move-Rotate tool. Constraints can be unlocked as needed.

For your DXF file, I didn’t exactly find where the constraint was. I selected all the sketches of the flower and at the list of constraints, I selected ‘Disconnect’. After that I was able to move the sketch around.

I see what you mean. Thank you. Its obvious that I had to have done that, though I don’t recall ever doing anything to the shape once I imported. That was where my confusion stemmed from. I imported the dxf, tried to move it, couldn’t, search for info, and posted once I came up dry. Ill take the next couple of day to look over the information again. The videos are fantastic.