How do I lean/angle a wall?

I have an object with a floor, and 3 walls. I’m trying to angle the wall or lean it back to 45 degrees. I’ve scoured the tutorials but can figure out this function. Any ideas

Hey @EVfan, can you show an image of what exactly you need?


I’m trying to make the top of the wall with the slots in it meet inside edge of the rim I created, while the bottom remains in place. Essentially making the top of the box 30" long, and the bottom 20".


I’ve got closer, but now need to get rid of all the stuff inside the box, so it’’’ get back to 3 walls and a floor.

You might try drawing it upside down from your depiction and as a full box on the lip which is shelled out and the slots extruded through. Then just rotate the face with the slots to the desired position. Seems like a simpler approach to me. Hope this helps.



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