Standing, Slanted, Curved, Walls


I am trying to re-create the facade of this building and I’m running into trouble with creating these standing slanted curved walls. Its almost as if the walls are literally bear hugging the interior.
I tried doing a sphere and then cutting it in different places but that didn’t work out well.

Then I tried doing a regular wall slab and cutting it but I couldn’t curve and slant the way that it is on this building.

I’m not sure I just don’t know how to use the program yet which that could definitely be it but I am really having a hard time doing this.

Can anyone share any way how to create this facade, please?

Thank you.

You should be able to gleen much information from this Thread:


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I would try calculating the angle of each wall. Create a vector and build a cylindrical model. Then trim each model to a plane to establish each wall.