How do I remove a body back out of a folder that has been misplaced?

I imported an STL file. The mesh bodies were automatically placed into an Imported Folder of the Items Manager.

I was reorganizing some mesh bodies. I accidentally dropped a body onto another and wound up with both in a new folder created within the Imported Folder. I opened that folder, selected one of the bodies and click on the 3-dots for the context menu but I did not see an option that would move it up to the one “level” in Items Manager (back into the Imported Folder).

Other than performing an Undo, is there method to remove one or both of the bodies out of the folder and put them back up one tier of the Items Manager?

I’ve attached a test model that could be used for explaining a method.
Folder Example copy.shapr (15.6 KB)


on MacOs, simply select the body in the item manager and drag it where you want it, as shown in the video.

On iPad, it is quite the same to got up one level in the hierarchy. Please see the post below.


Thanks for the video. I’m using the Windows version. Now I see what is going on. The Windows’ Items Manager is different. It doesn’t have the ability to do an “expand all”. When I expand a folder, then only that folder’s contents are shown and you are blind to the other items; also the Task Bar partially overlaps (1st attachment).
Windows Item Manager 01
If bodies are selected directly from the Modeling window the Items Manager still will not expand a folder to reveal its contents (2nd and 3rd attachment).

So in Windows make a selection of bodies from within a folder and drag them up into the All items area then pause and WAIT until the All Items’ UI expands, then CAREFULLY move over the top of another folder and WAIT until it expands and then place it carefully; otherwise, you may accidentally create a new sub-folder with selected bodies within it.

I find it to be a finicky process. If it is a limitation of Windows’ UI’s, then it would be nice if we could at least Cut and Paste selections in the Items Manager from folder to folder