New feature: Moving multiple bodies in and out of folders

We have just released the 3.12 version, and among many things, we have made it possible to move multiple bodies in and out of Folders. Thanks for your feedback on this issue, and hope you will enjoy this shortcut :slight_smile:

Moving bodies into folders:
1- Select the bodies you want to move
2- Enter the folder with the arrow on the right
3- Tap on the 3 dots in the bottom right corner of the Items menu
4- Tap on “Move selected here”


Moving bodies out of folders


Nice to see continual progress!




Yessss ! :+1:

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Hi Daniel
I have Shapr set to auto updates but I can’t see any new features? I don’t seem to have the 3 dots…?
Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks Marcus

Ok I think it’s sorted now. All updated

Thank you so MUCH for this Shapr Devs. This has vastly improved a formerly awful impediment to multi-body files.

One suggestion. Can you make the “Move Selected Here” a PERSISTENT button at the bottom of the Folder list, once something is selected, and the folder is entered?
Hiding under the Dot menu required me re-reading and searching this How-to three times, and sub-Menus of One depth are kindof, oh, annoying? In 6 months I won’t remember, as the other Dozen CAD/Design programs in Action Memory all compete for attention.

It would eliminate one more tap, and the reduction of taps should be Top priority in an app with only 1 finger and 1 Apple Pencil.

Great work.

Great idea - thanks, shared it with the product team!!

Useful feature that I’d never have found if I hadn’t been looking here for something else. The “…” menu isn’t even there most of the time. I expected to move multiple by selecting several items, then dragging one of them. When that didn’t work I assumed you couldn’t do it.

Yes, it is quite hidden. We recently introduced a drag’n’drop flow as well: New releases 3.32/3.33 - Drag'n'drop multiple items, Select hidden edges, Revamped Extrude tool

Select your items and drag them over a folder