How do ungroup everything?

Working on my pool filter basket. I want to remove the bottom of the basket so I can print it as a seperate component. But i’m Struggling to perform that as I can’t seem to figure out how to ungroup them all. I have managed to delete parts but it’s glacially slow. Any suggestions or pointers on how to perform this?

I’ve uploaded the file so you can see what i’m Trying to accomplish.

Skimmer basket upper



What do you exactly mean by “ungroup”? Did you unite the bodies with the union tool?

Yep. If I double click everything gets selected.

You can’t. The union tool’s purpose is not grouping, but to fuse bodies. If you want to create logical groups in your workspace, you should use the groups functionality.

Ok. Originally the union was fine. But now down the track I want to break it apart to further develop it. Is there a work around then. There has to be a quicker way than I’m currently doing.

Found the quick method!

Add a disc then subtract it from the basket. Works well. Very quick.