Merged Parts - Split again


I merged some Parts to one Part - how can I Split them again ?
Is this possible ? I can only Mark Faces or the Wohle Part … how can i solve that.


I don’t believe that you can unUnion shapes. That’s why it is always a good idea to make copies to work on as you progress in your design.



Though it’s a common task in classic CAD apps like AutoCad but unfortunately Shapr3D doesn’t support it currently, but from the other side, there is a fundamental and much useful feature called “groups” which is the equivalent for “layers” feature in classic CAD apps. Make multiple layers and get used to this good and basic habit. In this way you have everything named and you could have it separately or unified in multiple layers.


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Happened to me too :frowning: It’s like a pitfall for newcomers: if you are not aware of, you may lose hours of work!

Unfortunately yes! It’ll cause to remain a permanent pain in so to do layers forever :grin:
The app has great preferences over classic CAD softwares.

Best of luck :cherry_blossom: