Liquidating Groups

Hi there,

apart from objects assembling unwanted to groups I don’t see how I can make this unwanted grouping undone, this is removing objects from a group.

Suggestions welcome!

Thank you in advance


Thanks a lot for this kind offer; a vid would be highly appreciated as I couldn’t make it work following your instructions as I understood them.

So, yes, please!

Yes, this helped! Thank you!

Whereas, I realized that one “group” was not genuinely a group but originally separate objects that “melted” into one object (this is not a group) because the touched each other, or one object was partially with a tiny piece inside an other object.
So these originally separated object are now not a group, but a new single object.

Do you have any idea about how to separate these again?

Sorry for my questions - I guess I’m trapped into rookie mistakes, … :wink:

Thank you for your understanding! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately new users of this forum are apparently not allowed to upload files directly. So I used an external upload hoster, …

This is the file I’m talking about. Actually it is a model of a “wooden wheel chair”. I like to use this model as a drawing template for this whell chair from different perspectives for a comic book I’m working on. So it is not about “accuracy” at all. :wink:
It is just that instead of constructing drawings of the wheel chair for the main character from different perspectives by hand over and over again, I thought I should try to use shapr3d to construct the wheelchair just one time … and then export it for the comic book from all the angles and perspectives that I need.

However, when constructing this wheel chair I realized that the red parts joined together unwanted - and they didn’t make a genuine group but created a joined new object.

I’m afraid that there is no chance to take this new object apart again to modifiy the wheel chair, …

Thanks a lot - no problem with confidentiality here, … :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, mate! :slight_smile:

Please don’t invest any more time in this. I’m more than thankful for your efforts, but actually my initial question was not about looking for someone to do this for me … and in fact it wasn’t even about deconstructing this particular combined object at all.

My question was rather if at all and (in case of “yes”) how such an unwanted joined object can be build apart into the original objects.
Now my impression is that this wouldn’t be an easy thing to do. Obviously I could copy the joined object and substract several parts from the copy, leaving me with one of the original separate parts … and do this again with the former copy.

But this would be completely different from simply repealing or reversing a grouping process that generated this joinded object. So it seems to me that a repealing or reversing process in case of a joined object like the one in my wheel chair example isn’t possible unfortunately; which means on the other hand that we have to be pretty careful during construction processes that an unwanted joining of objects doesn’t happen.

And if it happens, we should realize it the very moment the corresponding objects join/combine so that we can simply use the undo button - right?