How Do You Create An “Orange Peel” Effect On A Sphere?

I’m trying to figure out how and if its possible to create the orange peel effect on my dome (see pic) below.
Anyone got some suggestions please?

How about this ?
This is just an idea, you will have to perfect it with adding imperfections.

Ok, that’s a good start. How are you creating these dots on the contour of the spear to get the effect you have demonstrated?

Here is a Q&D (quick and dirty) way to simulate a peel. Note that it is quite mechanical and not very organic looking at all. However…it is a start. :slightly_smiling_face:


Textured finish of an orange is referred to as “Orange Peel” sorry not the peel an orange to share with you :slight_smile:

What are you trying to achieve? Shapr is not really the right program for this. Rhino, Blender , Maya and other similar have abilities that are much better suited to this kind of “organic” modeling. Even with those programs it is involved and the results are often less than “organic” looking.

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