'Wavy' geometry in shapr

I saw this fruit bowl design which I really liked: https://makerworld.com/en/models/57923#profileId-59624

Is it possible to achieve this type of geometry in Shapr3D? I’ve been scouring the forums and youtube for some inspiration on how to achieve this, but I’m at a loss.

I tried the approach mentioned in another post with projecting edges to a face, and translating the sketch to create a ‘cushioning’ effect. However when trying this multiple times, I got the error that the body would not be valid.

Greatly appreciate any pointers!

Possible, yes. Extremely complex, yes. This model was most likely developed with a nurb based modeling program meant more for surface modeling. Allowing you to easily push and pull on points to create the desired effect with organic shapes.

It can be done in shapr, though with much more “constrained geometry”. By that I mean you will need to create lots of sketches, extrusions, cuts, fillets, and ultimately a shell to get to the end result. Possible, absolutely! It will just take a lot more effort, and certainly not the ideal program until surface modeling is introduced if ever.

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I gave it a shot
Front plane: I sketched roughly the front opening with a spline and constrained that spline tangent to a base line(sit flat on table). I used a 3 point spline for both ends and one point where the fruit would sit(were it swoops down in the middle).
I then copied that sketch plane for a total of 4 evenly spaced planes. then, edited the 3 copied planes roughly how I felt they would be.
I lofted the 4 planes.
Now the use of parametric modeling comes in.
I move the body above the sketch planes for a clear view of the planes, and slowly fine tune each plane (the spline points) until I have an object I’m satisfied with. Parametric automatically updated the body.
I then shelled it.

A tip: in the first picture, is how the camera was when I fine tuned the splines, you can just select the line, then the spline point

It’s not perfect, but this didn’t have to be. I didn’t take in consideration of size I just made it 150mm. If I kept at it, I could serenely get it closer to the image, and more functional.


Thank you! I appreciate the clarification. I’ll take a look at doing this in other modelling programs!

Wow, this is amazing.

Never even thought about going about it this way, that is genius!

Thank you very much for the detailed explanation, and for taking the time to help!

Just a hint. Use 5 cross-sections (three in the body being prepared), so you can more easily draw the place of the eggs deeper. You can add a point to the spline afterwards, if you need. Michael’s brilliant solution is a good example that things are simpler than they seem.:upside_down_face:


Do you mean copying the sketch plane 4 times, for a total of 5 evenly spaced planes? Would there be any disadvantage to adding even more copies for more fine grained control?

Yeah it’s quite amazing. I’m fascinated by some of the brilliant solutions people here can come up with!

Yes, so that the eggs do not roll apart🙃
I think this form does not require more cross-sections. After lofting, you can play with the surface, and add a cross section if necessary.