How does the freeform surface tool work?

I keep trying to use the freeform surface tool, but for me it does nothing. If I create a cube, select one surface, it tells me to start sketching curves, but nothing happens. no matter what I do, click, pan, move etc, the tool does nothing. after I click, it tells me that it is “generating surface” but the model never changes, and the tool never does anything. Am I missing something? can someone explain how this tool is supposed to be used?

Sure, have you seen the tutorial video? Just tap on the name of the tool. If not, check it out, but I would be happy to make a new video if it is not clear.

I’ve seen the video - but when I try to add contour lines, no lines show up. It makes the clicking sound, but it doesn’t draw anything.

  1. Select a face
  2. You can add a contour point where the dot is green. You can’t add a contour point if the dot is red. You have to start and finish the new contour at an existing contour, or face boundary. Press the pencil to add a new point.
  3. Select a control point with the pencil to move it.
  4. Sometimes the generation of the final surface can be rather time consuming.

Let me know if this helped.

Here you go:

Did this help, or it still doesn’t work?

This was very helpful for me, thank you. I forgot to click the “i” for help. When I saw the video and the way it worked I was like, “Whoa!”. One small suggestion, after every drag and release it generates a new surface, it would be helpful if you could do multiple manipulations and then give the software the “OK” to generate a new surface. Just found this tonight and it is super exciting! :smiley: