How else could I expand just the outer wall of this dish shape?

I managed to solve this, but curious for input.

I have this holder for a tool. I messed up and made the inner dimension between walls 3mm too small, instead of 3mm oversized. Ideally I don’t want to disturb the bump in the middle, the holes, or the chamfers.

I couldn’t just use the offsetting tool, as it wipes out the chamfers and rounded corners.
I’ve tried selecting all edges and faces of one side and moving them, but get “Edge transform failed” followed by “operation failed because the resulting body wouldn’t be valid”.

I managed to make it work by slicing it into 9 pieces…

…then offsetting/extruding as necessary to reconnect the new walls. Unioning everything together seems to work!

So, to reiterate, this is “solved,” but is there a better way? Not every model will be possible to slice that way and with each post here I’ve learned novel things!



Is this what you wanted to do?


Yes, thank you. I tried that first with my model, shown in my first picture, but it did not work on my model. I had a lot of small tweaks, pushes and pulls, on my project–I’m guessing something became less plastic throughout that, breaking the ability to do a simple translation of those pieces–like a face that couldn’t be resolved when stretched.

Thanks for taking the time to respond!